Our Policy Of The Quality And Food

Our aim as Piyatino Oil; It is the realization of the sales activities of vegetable oil production from raw materials obtained from safe sources, in accordance with the criteria of quality and food safety management system.

  •  Being a leader in its sector, following the developing technology closely, aiming to continuously improve the quality and food safety conditions,
  •  Prioritizing customer satisfaction with the principle of honesty and protection of human rights,
  •  Offering products produced with quality and hygienic conditions that meet customer needs and expectations in the fastest and best way,
  •  Complying the national and international legal and regulatory requirements,
  •  Preventing the emergence of problems and undertaking to produce in an environment in accordance with safe food production conditions by keeping every stage of the purchasing, packaging, storage and shipping chain of the product under control,
  •  Using the changing technologies, communication tools and business resources effectively to   make the services we provide to our customers always of high standards,
  •  With the aim of increasing our employee’s commitment and gladness, through the continuing education enhancing the improvement and through this way creating an unconditional service standard for our customers.
  • For Vegetable Oils produced throughout the food production chain; Ensuring the sustainability of food safety issues by establishing effective communication with suppliers, customers and relevant units in the food chain,
  • It is a company that encourages our suppliers in terms of quality and food safety for consumer health and aims at continuous development.