The Message Of The Chairman

Our principle of “quality in production and service”, which we follow as Piyatino Oil, brought the success of being the preferred brand. After today, we will continue on our way by raising the bar even higher and embracing changes and innovations. Staying true to our fundamental principles, we will constantly innovate and improve our company.

All of our colleagues in our company, our talented, experienced and innovative team are our most important treasure. We continue on our way with a strong belief in young and talented team members, which we attach great importance to. However, our expanding and maturing corporate memory, which includes the decisions taken in the history of our company and their positive or negative consequences, is an important asset of ours. While we take care to make the most of this experience and lessons, we consider it necessary to transfer our corporate memory to our talented young employees.

When knowledge and experience come together, there is no task that cannot be overcome. We will take firm steps forward by the close follow-up of young employees’ innovations with the guidance of their experienced mentors. At this point, we aim to rapidly implement the digital transformation required by our decade in parallel with our operations, and we are accelerating our work in this sense.
We will constantly and tirelessly remind all our colleagues, stakeholders and customers that being reliable is our indispensable goal and that it is a necessity to comply with our superior business ethics and honest working principles. Our company will further increase its dynamism with its visionary and entrepreneurial spirit. Our main goal is to add value to our employees, customers and business partners in a common sense of intellect and interest together.
I offer my respect, greetings and love to all of you.

Kerem M. PEKER